Projects and Eligibility

GNDF is open to the public sector and can also invest in energy service companies (ESCOs), special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

A wide range of energy conservation measures (ECMs) can be funded by GNDF (the list may be found here). If you are considering alternative technologies, please contact GNDF to see if this is included.

Yes, as well as funding improvements to existing building stock GNDF can also fund new build decentralised energy projects which can demonstrate a carbon saving to the counterfactual. Please contact the GNDF team for a discussion.

As part of GNDF’s due diligence we work with projects to ensure that they are compliant from a Subsidy Control perspective.

GNDF requests that projects provide a measurement and verification (M&V) plan based on the principles and approach of IPMVP, see:

The project must be located within one of the following local authorities: Newcastle City, Northumberland and North Tyneside.

Contact GNDF for an initial discussion with a view to completing the ‘Project Outline’ form.

  • GNDF is a sustainable investor, targeting a socio-economic return as well as a financial return on investment while addressing market failure
  • GNDF seeks to invest in projects that contribute towards one or all of the following:
    • Decrease in energy costs
    • Decrease in CO2 emissions
    • Creation of renewable energy capacity
    • Creation of skilled green jobs and supply chains within the North Tyne Combined Authority Region
    • Deployment of Natural Capital
  • There may be additional targets specific to each project and these will be discussed at the 'Project Outline' stage of the application process

Funding Terms

GNDF can provide loans, grant or equity depending on the requirements of the project.

GNDF can provide corporate or project financing solution depending on the needs of the project.

No, applications can be made at any time up to October 2025.

GNDF is targeting investments from £0.2m to £2m.

The maximum investment term for GNDF is up to 15 years for longer payback projects. Please reach out to the GNDF team to discuss your Project further for an accurate indication of the term GNDF could provide.

  • GNDF is funded by public sector commitments from the NTCA
  • As such GNDF can fund up to 50% of costs depending on the project and borrower
  • GNDF can help source the match funding through its relationship with a number of commercial lenders, alternatively GNDF is happy to work with a Project’s own source of finance
  • GNDF provides competitive and flexible solutions to address market failure in the low carbon sector by working with each project to provide a bespoke solution that addresses the financing needs of a project
  • GNDF invests on Subsidy Control regime terms by utilising measures such as the Market Economy Investor Principle (MEIP) and De-Minimis Regulation