We have an extensive origination focus with a strong track record of deploying capital effectively and efficiently, having made over 150 investments made to date.

Investment Management

Fund Management

We are a specialist infrastructure fund manager with six funds and a number of managed accounts investing into the infrastructure sectors of the future.

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Asset Management

We adopt a full-service approach, with a large dedicated asset management team providing the ability to manage assets in-house.

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Amber launches its inaugural sustainability report

Amber 2020 Global Sustainability Report


Infrastructure has been central to our business since 2006 including into sectors such as transport, energy and social accommodation.

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Real estate

We develop specialist forms of accommodation and urban regeneration to support changing demographics and the communities we serve.

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Sustainable Energy

We are at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon economy, specialising in low carbon energy generation, energy efficiency and infrastructure for effective energy storage and transmission.

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