We have interests in over 30 health sector assets. Most are procured through public private partnerships providing frontline primary and community care facilities in the U.K. The two largest projects by value, Royal Children’s and Orange Hospitals, are located in Australia and delivered through PPP.

We provide whole-life asset management solutions to hospital projects and actively develop new healthcare projects through long-term partnerships and partnering frameworks.

Primary and community care infrastructure solutions are becoming more complex as treatments and modalities can be offered outside hospital. At the same time, in the acute hospital setting, schemes are becoming smaller, with hospitals replaced by campus-style schemes such as diagnostic blocks, urgent care centres, intermediate care centres and medical office blocks.

We believe there is real benefit in treating Healthcare and Social Care Infrastructure as a single focus of development. We see benefit in the co-location of health and social care facilities, and increasingly the development of ExtraCare as the environment of choice for elders who can be supported in a home environment even at high levels of dependency.

We have built up an industry-leading supply chain of design teams, engineers, construction specialists and programme managers - each recognised for contributing on the design, construction, delivery and operation of care environments. Through this supply chain we have built up a repository of information, specifications and research that we bring to bear projects.

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