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Our New Energy team specialises in ‘clean’/ low carbon energy generation and the associated infrastructure required for storage and transmission, as well as measures to monitor and reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. 

Through its 'Amber Green' brand Amber has targeted sectors where it can add value to transactions through its long standing expertise in infrastructure. Amber’s aim is to work to deliver projects that, based on Amber’s approach and knowledge, ensure greater certainty for project stakeholders and improves the overall risk profile. In addition to being an investor in its own right Amber develops bespoke projects and investments for its clients, including working in conjunction with its joint venture partner Amber ISIS Renewable Energy.

Our areas of focus include:

Renewable energy generation

Amber’s activities in energy supply / generation currently span technologies and sectors where there are opportunities to create long term, index linked investments with low volatility or exposure to changes in underlying assumptions.

To date Amber’s focus has been on commercial rooftop and 'Feed in Tariff' supported solar photovoltaic (PV). Amber’s available capital sources and highly knowledgeable transaction teams mean it is also able to source and fund  opportunities in biomass, wind and hydro electricity.

Low carbon heating

Amber manages capital capable of assisting the development of solutions for heat provision and heat saving and storage. This includes projects for communal heating schemes for domestic tower blocks, district heating and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) assets.

Energy efficiency

Amber manages capital targeting investment into energy efficiency in order to assist in the development of this market, and is developing a pipeline of projects for its own and third party investment. This includes a range of technologies and on and off balance funding structures.