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Amber is a leading developer and manager of UK offshore energy transmission and owns six projects.

Offshore transmission

Offshore transmission plays an integral part in attaining the Government’s target to provide 15% of the United Kingdom’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.  Efficient delivery of transmission assets for offshore wind energy projects forms a core part of the strategy for reaching this objective in the most cost effective manner. 

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) together with The Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (Ofgem) developed a regulatory regime for the construction and operation of offshore transmission assets to facilitate this objective.  Under the regime established in June 2009, Ofgem runs a competitive tender process to select and license Offshore Transmission Owners (OFTOs). 

OFTO projects form an infrastructure sector in their own right. The sector was created from the sale by wind farm developers of the transmission cables and sub-stations linking the wind farm generation activities (i.e. turbines) to the national grid. 

The sector has been born through the requirement for electricity companies to “unbundle” generation activities from transmission activities in accordance with European Union regulations.

The Amber-led consortium has been extremely successful; securing six of the projects currently awarded making it the owner of the largest number of OFTO projects:

  • Reached financial close:
    • Robin Rigg East and West (180MW)
    • Gunfleet Sands 1 & 2 (173MW)
    • Barrow (90MW)
    • Ormonde (150MW)
    • Lincs (270MW)
    • Westermost Rough (205MW)

Amber is well positioned to take advantage of the future pipeline of OFTO projects due to come to market.

We continue to utilise our experience in the transmission and regulated sectors to pursue transmission, interconnector and other utilities opportunities across Europe and Australia.

For further details of the OFTO regime please visit www.ofgem.gov.uk/Networks/offtrans/Pages/Offshoretransmission.aspx

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