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  • What is Amber Infrastructure Group?

    Amber Infrastructure Group is a leading sponsor, fund manager and asset manager of social and economic infrastructure projects. Amber has long standing global expertise in the origination, development and management of specialist infrastructure projects. With a team of over 80 executives throughout the world, Amber has one of the strongest and most experienced groupings of public infrastructure professionals anywhere.

  • What is Amber Fund Management Limited?

    Amber Fund Management Limited is a subsidiary of Amber Infrastructure Group that carries out the regulated activities of the group and is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Where does Amber have operations and bid projects?

    Amber manages over 120 infrastructure projects in eight countries. Of these the strong majority were also developed by the Amber team. Amber continues to evaluate new opportunities in core OECD countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada and Australia.

  • How does Amber work with International Public Partnerships (INPP)?

    Amber Fund Management Limited provides investment management advice to INPP. The Amber Group also provides asset management services to individual infrastructure projects within the INPP portfolio.

  • What is "active asset management"?

    Too often project sponsors focus on the initial phases of a project and lose interest when the design and build phase is complete and the project operational. At Amber, we know that the operation and maintenance of our projects is just as important as delivering a high quality facility. This is why we have a comprehensive team of professionals dedicated to the careful ongoing management of our projects and our relationships with our public sector partners. Our asset managers take an active approach to managing projects, continually looking at ways to deliver value for money and improve a project's performance throughout its life, - we call it "active asset management"

  • What sort of projects does Amber bid?

    Amber looks at a wide range of social infrastructure projects including education, courts and judiciary accommodation, transport and civic buildings. Amber is an international business and with more than 10 years experience in running infrastructure projects around the world, brings the benefits of best practice and broad international experience to its public sector clients.

  • I am involved in the tendering of a project, who should I contact about inviting Amber to bid?

    Please see the ‘Contact us’ section of this website. If you would like to contact Amber about employment, please see the ‘Careers’ section of this website.

  • What is JESSICA?

    JESSICA is the Joint European Support of Sustainable Investment in City Areas. The initiative enables EU states to set up investment funds using public sector seed capital to meet the needs of sustainable urban regeneration and development. Amber manages two such funds

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