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Amber Infrastructure has a zero tolerance policy to bribery and corruption in all its forms.

We are committed to acting fairly and ethically in all countries in which we operate and so we shall comply with all anti-bribery and corruption law in all markets and jurisdictions where we do business. We expect the same standards from all third parties who provide services for, or to, Amber Infrastructure, its subsidiary companies and for the investment funds which it manages.

Amber Infrastructure is committed to countering bribery and corruption and we have an anti-bribery programme in place designed to prevent the occurrence of bribery and corruption within the Amber business. This programme includes:

  • An Anti-Bribery Policy.
  • A Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy setting out clearly the ethical behaviour and general standards required of our employees and officers.
  • Mandatory training for our employees covering compliance with the Bribery Act.

Our anti-bribery programme prohibits the offering, promising, receiving or giving of a financial or other advantage to another individual in exchange for improperly performing a relevant function or activity.

We expect all our employees and associated parties to comply with the letter and spirit of the Bribery Act 2010, as enshrined in our polices and procedures, in the performance of their services for, or to, Amber Infrastructure.

Should you wish to receive a copy of our Anti-Bribery Policy, or if you have any concerns regarding potential bribery or corruption within the Amber business, or related business, which you wish to report please contact the Amber Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Officer via the following email address: