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Amber adopts a socially responsible approach to all our business activities in order to promote sustainable investment, support economic growth, enhance local communities and minimise our impact on the environment.

Our commitment to socially responsible business can be seen in three key areas:

The types of projects which we support

Amber seeks ethical projects that will contribute to the long term sustainable development of an area, and which have qualitative and quantitative benefits for partners. Our investments aim to support an integrated approach to development: creating and sustaining value for the future.

The way we operate and develop our assets

Through the project development process, consideration is given to how best to maximise the socio-economic and environmental credentials of our supply chain and construction programme. Amber believes strongly in the importance of quality and innovation in design, and works closely with design teams on the development of solutions.

Our approach to origination and active asset management is supported by on-going consultation with key stakeholders to ensure the needs and objectives of different groups can be understood and managed throughout both construction and operational periods.

Many of our funds require the highest standards of sustainability, including BREEAM certification, and include measures of Amber’s performance linked to the creation of jobs, CO2 savings, and remediation of brownfield land.

How we act internally within our organisation

Within Amber, sustainability is important in our approach to our work, our people, and our links with local communities. Amber is certified to The Planet Mark and is committed to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint and wider sustainability metrics.

Initiatives to mitigate our carbon footprint include minimising waste through recycling, seeking to reduce energy consumption, and supporting the cycle to work scheme. Amber is an equal opportunities employer.

Example case study

SPRUCE Strategy for Socially Responsible Investment

The Scottish Partnership for Regeneration in Urban Centres is a £50m investment fund managed by Amber on behalf of the Scottish Government. The fund is an important policy tool to deliver sustainable regeneration and economic development objectives across Scotland, as well as delivering financial returns for shareholders.

Our approach to socially responsible investment can be seen in the bespoke approach developed to inform the investment criteria and operations of the fund. This required consultation across government to understand policies and priorities in areas including equal opportunities and diversity, environmental policies, planning policy and community benefits.

It is a requirement for all projects receiving investment from the fund to meet the SPRUCE strategy for social responsibility in investment. This is a tool which supports a flexible and concise approach to ensuring projects deliver government policy goals in the context of commercially viable investments.

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