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Our business is defined by the quality and expertise of our people. This is evidenced through the depth of our relationships with our public sector clients, our private sector investors and our partners.

  • A partnership approach

    East Oxford Health Centre

    Infrastructure is a long-term investment with, in many cases, project terms spanning 25+ years. We understand that developing infrastructure investment requires strong and lasting relationships with public sector clients, construction contractors, facility management providers, financing institutions and regulators.

  • Long-term track record

    Angel Trains

    We have self developed the majority of our current portfolio. Our integrated model for investment was established in 1998 with the development of our current LIFT portfolio. Our track record of successful procurement and investment in primary infrastructure is unrivaled.

  • Diversity of expertise

    Gunfleet Sands OFTO

    The team of over 80 have expertise in the financing, development, management and delivery of a wide range of infrastructure projects. The team has a diverse range of professional backgrounds including investment banking, accountancy, legal, engineering, facilities management and public sector roles.

  • Responsible business

    Amber is committed to providing ethical investment and sustainable, social and economic infrastructure and energy efficient solutions that will benefit the community. We promote compliance with environmental and human rights and uphold high compliance standards in complying with anti-fraud and money laundering regulations.

  • Careers at Amber

    Gold Coast Trains

    Our reputation gives others the confidence to trust us and do business with us. We pride ourselves on fostering a challenging and stimulating work environment and opportunities to work on iconic and community focused infrastructure projects.

  • Awards

    Durham Regional Courthouse

    Our team has developed, and gained recognition for, some of the outstanding infrastructure projects of the last two decades.